Nicola Turnbull

Jeweller Silversmith Artist


Nicola Turnbull creates delicate linear jewellery in sterling silver. New works incorporate small sections of enamel and are inspired by solar timekeeping methods.

Array Pendent Array pendent 2

‘My Array Series will be exhibited for the first time at the ‘Ardent Form’ exhibition. This collection of neckpieces have been visually informed by sundials and moondials. The series abstractly depicts the idea of continually moving radial light and shadow.  Responding to the definition of Ardent: glowing and shining. The neckpieces are all repetitions of the same form yet each differs in scale and with varying colours of vibrant enamel.’


When exploring the theme of Resonate for our previous exhibition, I took inspiration from diagrams of sound waves, looking at graphs which depict vibration and amplification.  Through my work I like to explore the idea that the universe is unstable and constantly moving and changing.


I use abstract painting and drawing to develop lines and forms . These development pieces have become works in themselves and I presented them for the first time alongside my Jewellery at our ‘Resonate’ exhibition. From my drawings I design  jewellery which moves and is interactive. My pieces are linear structures, like three-dimensional drawings, which explore this sense of movement.


To see more of Nicola’s work visit


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