Fiona Hermse

Jeweller Artist

Constantly inspired by our interaction with the natural world, I am particularly fascinated by superstition, spiritual belief and myth in nature.

Memories and emotions resonate continuously in our minds and influence all that we do and everything we are.  This is part of what makes us human but what can also make us so vulnerable to becoming victims of our own consciousness.

For Resonate, Emma Macleod and I are collaborating on a moving image work.

Our animation brings the viewer on a journey through a series of rooms.  I have filled two of these with ‘strange forests’ creating a visual representation of an imagined human mental landscape.  Each room encloses seemingly living forms which are familiar yet ambiguous – raw and organic – yet conspicuously hand-made.  I hope to provoke in the viewer a feeling of both curiosity and delicate disquiet.

To see more of Fiona’s work visit


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