Emma Macleod

Still from animation by Emma Macleod & Fiona Hermse

My work is primarily concerned with the staged environment of film, theatre and installation.

In considering the theme of resonance, I have been thinking about its paradox – an ‘unsettling resonance’.  I’m intrigued by the staged environment and how it can be familiar or resonate with the viewer, yet at the same time be unsettling, strange or absurd.

For ‘Resonate’, I will be exhibiting work in moving image.

Fiona Hermse and I are also collaborating on an animation based on creating a ‘visual representation of an imagined human mental landscape’. The animation takes the viewer on a journey through a series of staged rooms featuring strange forests, shadowy forms, and creeping vines.

Fiona and I have shared a studio for a number of years, and although we both work in different disciplines, there have been constant cross-overs in our research and often our ideas and work resonate with one another.

To see more of Emma’s work visit www.emmamacleod.co.uk


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